2015年12月23日 星期三

Hubsan H107C+ quadcopter 掌上四軸航拍機

大男孩玩四軸航拍機時間不長,第一部就是Hubsan H107C,它帶我進入航拍世界,2年後的今日,Hubsan 推出了H107C+,看看新機有什麼進步。My first quadcopter is Hubsan H107C, bought it about 2 years ago and it is still here. Today I am going to review its successor, Hubsan H107C+. Let's see if it can compare to its predecessor.

現在連迷你四軸都要解鎖才能啟動螺旋槳,安全了一點。如果不想特意去解鎖,也可以把油門拉到最高,四軸就會啟動螺旋槳,然後緩緩上升。You will be surprise that it needs to be disarmed to fly this palm-size quadcopter, that means it becomes safer. Either pull both sticks to lower outer positions or push the throttle stick to the maximum position, the quad will accent steadily.

換上雪白色的機身,新的H107C+就突然認真起來,所以相機升級為廣角鏡頭,加入定高功能,電池也增量為520mah。It becomes more serious after checking from colorful body to white, camera lens has been upgraded to wide angle lens. The all new attitude hold function is surely a highlight. Battery rated 3.7V 520mah.

尺寸稍為增大了一些,螺旋槳尺寸就跟舊機一樣。The body is bigger while the props keep the same dimension as the old one. 

鏡頭升級為廣角鏡,可以拍攝到更多畫面,質素保持掌上型飛行器中的前列。The wide angle lens ensures bigger FOV. Image quality stills ranked in the top list of the palm-size quadcopter.

機身LED燈被置於機身的前後,稍為突出一點,使它在機身的前後左右上下都能被看到。The LED lights are smartly placed. They can be seen in all directions. Bravo!

機艙位置有另一組LED燈。Another LED light set on the cockpit area.

遙控器依然是手制式設計,操縱桿的頂端變平了,油門控制桿會自動回中,配合新加入的定高功能。The gamepad type transmitter has been redesigned. The flat control sticks are surely welcomed. To support the attitude hold function, the throttle stick will return to center position when released.

相比舊機其中一大進步就是電池安裝系統,無電線設計,非常人性化。Say good bye to battery cable because the cable-less design is just awesome!

只要這樣插入電池卡好,就完成安裝了,按下電池尾的突出部分就能把電池拉出。Plug & play. That's easy. Press the white plastic area of the battery will release it from the body.

另一個改善就是設立獨立開關按鈕,非常方便。Micro SD 儲存卡位於機肚。Another big improvement is the inclusion of power button. press and hold will turn on/off the quad. Micro SD card slot is on the belly too.

機腳是一體化機底殼的一部分,取消了橡膠,少一樣東西會掉失,但降落時衝擊大,聲音都蠻響亮,隨時間磨損不能避免。Landing skid become a part of the lower case. There is no rubber feet. The impact of landing is quite big, without the rubber feet the hard plastic may not last long. Anyway even with the rubber feet they tend to get lost.

保留了狀態LED屏幕,由於油門自動置中,在靜止時顯示油門行程為50。Status LED screen is kept on the transmitter. Default throttle index is 50 as the stick is in its center position.

新機終於支持Apple device直接傳送檔案,非常方便大男孩這個無腦人士。The file system created by Hubsan H107C+ is a standard one like digital camera. So the photos & videos can be transfer to Apple mobile device directly. Very nice.

相機質素保持webcam等級,視角變廣了拍風景的話可用性提高了,白平衡依然不算準確,但比起其他玩具機好的多。以下是一些原生照片。Even it is quite top on it segment, the camera is still webcam quality. So do not have expect good auto white balance. Wider FOV surely helps photographing landscape. Below are some original pictures shot by it.

掌上型四軸飛行器通常只配備基本功能,但H107C+打破傳統,加入了無頭模式及定高功能。Unlike other toy-grade quadcopter, H107C+ has built-in headless mode & attitude hold function.

前者使用家不用理會機頭方向,拉下方向桿,一概向自己飛。Headless mode let you to pull back the flying quad by pulling down the elevator stick regardless the direction of the quad.

後者就可以讓飛行器在用家放開油門桿後停滯在一個高度,直至用家再控制油門為止。Attitude hold makes the quad keeps its attitude after pilot release the throttle stick. It will still drift.

經過實測,即使所謂定高,還是會上下移動,但無可否認此功能的確為初學者帶來方便,尤其要手動調節油門去控制高度並不容易。After testing it in different location, I found even with attitude hold the quad will still drift up & down. Don't expect it will keep in its position like a GPS quad. But it really makes the life of new pilot easier.

首次加入此功能,也帶來了一些缺點,就是下降速度變慢了,看似無傷大雅,但於戶外被大風拓底時,可能會出現失控情況,大男孩就試過以為這個原因而要斷電讓它下來。The downside of adding attitude hold function is the slow down of descending speed. If it encounters strong lifting current when it descends, if might not come down like it should. I tried once that the wind forced me to disarm the motor to let the quad fall down before it drift away by wind.

掌上型四軸還是留在室內飛好一點,由它於室外隨風飄揚,大風的日子就要做好提控回家的準備。So this is a good quadcopoter for indoor flight.

另一個方便初學者的功能就是自動降落功能,飛行中只要把油門持續拉到底,四軸就會自動緩緩下降直到見落及停止螺旋槳轉動。Another features good for new pilot is the automatic landing function. Just pull down the throttle stick to its lowest position, it will descend slowly and land & disarm by itself.

跟舊機不一樣,Hubsan H107C+在現今一眾平價玩具級飛行器之中並不顯眼,但Hubsan的四軸外觀設計保持原創,造工出色,而且功能與時並進,即使價格不便宜,依然是一個非常好的選擇。Unlike the old one, the new Hubsan H107C+ is launched in a red sea of cheap & good toy grade quadcopters. But what I like Hubsan is its orginal body design, good built quality and cutting edge feature. Even it is not a cheap one, it is still more of my favorite brand.