2015年1月2日 星期五

廉航拍機Syma X5C+808 #16相機【Toy Story】

2015年快樂!上年開始愛上了玩具四軸飛行器,買了第一隻迷你遙控四軸機Hubsan H107C更換了廣角鏡頭之後,成為可以行航拍自娛的好玩具,之後一直都有繼續玩。今次為了改善航拍畫面質素,買了一隻尺寸大少少的玩具四軸機Syma X5C,嘗試吊起一部微型的720p Car key cam ,看看拍攝效果能否滿足我的航拍需要。
Happy 2015! Started to love flying toy drones last year after I bought my first drone Hubsan H107C. After replacing a wide angle lens on it, shooting aerial video becoming the most important aspect for me in choosing drones. This time I tried something slightly bigger, the Syma X5C. And prepared to hook it up with the mighty 808 #16 lens D car key camera. See whether it can shoot some better video than micro drones.

買之前都做了少許功課,雖然Hubsan X4得迷你四軸都可以吊起car key cam,但飛行效果及時間都未如理想,要買一部尺寸大一點,螺旋槳大一點的飛行器才行。在Youtube觀看了許多用家分享的影片後,決定了買Syma X5C,主要因為它飛行時機身震動比較少,較適合掛相機拍攝影片。許多牌子都有推出相同尺寸的四軸飛行器,在香港比較容易找到都是大陸品牌的,好像JJRC的H8C及WLtoys的V636,選購時不妨多比較。
I did some research before buying this thing. Although Hubsan X4 can also hold a car key cam, it will make it difficult to control. So better go for something bigger in size and with bigger props. The decision has been made mainly based on the user reviews in Youtube. It fly more stable than other quads in the same size so it produces less jello effect to the video clips. During the research I found that JJRC H8C & WLtoys V636 are also good quads but I found the Syma one suit me better.

在開箱之前,我們先看看這個尺寸的玩具四軸機掛上car key cam到底可以拍成什麼樣的航拍影片。襯這這個聖誕節及新年假期,我去了落禾沙,科大,馬鞍山公園及烏溪沙放飛機,次次都是超早或者搵無人的位置放,因為始終是遙控模型,會有一定的危險性,我會避免在人人多的地方玩,連狗仔都係被馬達聲浪吸引由山上跑過來的,才成為影片主角之一啊。
Before the boring unboxing better to see something more interesting. Let's see how it perform when lifting a car key cam. This video was shot during X'mas & New Year holidays in HK. I went to Lok Wo Sha, Wu Kai Sha & Ma On Shan Park in Ma On Shan area. Also did some flights in HKUST. It was shot mainly in early morning where nobody is nearby. Even though it is a toy but it is still dangerous. Better to avoid crowded area. The dog was attracted by the noise of the motor. He wanted to see but also afraid so it hide behind tress sometimes.

效果不賴吧?很幸運,在烏溪沙玩的那個早上,風速才每小時1公里,非常適合放飛機啊!Car key cam的白平衡並不準確,解像度也不太好,但就畫質比原裝的那個鏡頭好多了。
What do you think? Not bad for a toy grade quad. Lucky to have a very calm day in Wu Kai Shan beach so the video was quite smooth. The white balance of the car key cam is not nice resolution is not enough as well but it is already much better than the original camera on-board.

Let's do the unboxing! Bought it in Hong Kong so it came with Chinese packaging & manual

The quad it self, a transmitter, 4 spare props & the prop guards.

The outlook of it is copy from DJI Phamton series. Basically a lot of toy grade quads look exactly the same as it.

遙控器底下能夠找到充電器,Micro SD讀卡器及螺絲批一個。
Under the transmitter you will find the battery charger, Micro SD card reader and a screw driver that you can replace the props.

拿上手第一個感覺就是輕,非常的輕,感覺跟Hubsan X4的重量差不多,只不過是尺寸大了,塑膠機殼很薄,用料並沒有Hubsan X4的好,但還OK。
First time on hand the feeling is light. Seems it weight similar to the Hubsan X4 but bigger. The plastic shelf is very thin. Built quality is less good than Hubsan X4 but still ok.

跟iPhone 5s比較。這種尺寸其實也不算太大,帶出去玩都應該蠻容易的。其實之前大男孩都受不住誘惑曾經擁有350-sized的四軸,但就是因為太大部不方便很少玩,最後給我賣掉了。
Take a look on the size of it compare to an iPhone 5s. Actually it is still a mini drone so bringing it out doesn't cause any trouble. I did have a 350-sized quad from Walkera. I seldom play it so it was sold recently.

跟Hubsan H107C大小比較。
Size comparison with a Hubsan H107C.

The land skids are short with a short ground clearance. It makes it easier to carry around but the protection of the camera is affected. It came with a 720p camera that shoot both pictures & videos. The quality of the camera is "toy grade"  with a narrow FOV.

The camera is powered by the main battery. You can control start & stop recording by the transmitter.

The sample video taken by the inborad camera:

The buttons near the LED display of the transmitter are fake. Don't know why they insists to place buttons there. There are 2 speed modes that can be toggled by pressing the top left button. Low speed mode is good for shooting video because the tilt angles will be limited. High speed mode is good for fighting wind and do tricks.

Battery cover and the on/off button.

把電池蓋拆下,是時候綁上car key cam。
The battery cover can be removed. Time to connect the car key camera.

材料及價錢,一共才HK$620。飛行器一隻,橡筋兩條,海綿一片,Car key cam一個,垃圾袋鐵絲一條。
Here are the ingredients & price. Total cost will be HK$620. Apart from the quad itself i got myself 2 thick rubber bands, 1 foam, a car key camera & a metal string (that we use to tidy up rubbish bag in HK).

我用上了一個叫808 #16 Lens D的Car key cam,因為它夠輕,鏡頭比較廣角,720p的mov影片也能夠直接輸入iPad方便剪輯流程。除了影片,它也可以用Time Lapse模式拍相片,所有參數設定要連接Windows用軟件設定。
I picked up the 808 #16 Lens D car key camera. It is super light that will be good for toy grade quad. I like the Lens D version since it is wide angle camera. it records 720p mov format that can be imported to iPad directly for further editing. It can also shoot time lapse photos but do not have high hope for the picture quality. All camera setting has to be changed after connecting a Windows PC.

The foam was used to absorb the vibration produced by the quad itself. After testing the effect is "better than nothing" XD

我綁!Just hook them up by 2 rubber bands.

The metal string is acting as a safety cable. Wishing the camera will survive after crashes.

It's all done.

It survives the test flight so consider done!

掛上808 #16後的Syma X5C飛行時當然跟使用跟機相機會時會有一點差異,但並不明顯,操控並沒有差很遠,都尚算靈活。但還有兩個問題有待解決,第一,前面螺旋槳及馬達被攝入影片內,需要將鏡頭角度適度向下傾斜,但要找到一片適合的海綿。第二,掛car key cam後飛行時間短,原裝的3.7v 500 mah電池只能持航不到5分鐘,換了650mah的好一點,大約有6分鐘左右,要找找更大容量但都能塞進電池倉的電池。
The flight time is shorten after replacin the inboard camera with a 808 #16 but it is not obvious. Flight performance is similar it is still agile enough to fly. There are still 2 problems to be solved. Firstly the props & motors in the front will appear in the video. I need to find a way to tilt it down a little bit. Second of all, the flight time is too short with the original 3.7v 500 mah battery. It  last less than 5mins. I bought 2pcs of 650mah batteries from Walkera it last around 6 mins.  I saw somebody is using a Turnigy 750mah battery on his X5C & it works well. Need to see where I can find it in Hong Kong.


-絕對夠力掛808 #16 car key cam進行飛行及拍攝。
-雖然我還是喜歡改裝後的Hubsan H107,這部Syma X5C也很適合我的要求。

Conclusion after 2 weeks of flights:

-In Outdoor it drifts less than micro quads and easier to be seen at height.
-Range is short it is similar to Hubsan X4.
-The size of the transmitter is good for small palm guy like me. Doesn't like the crazy bulky transmitter from WLtoys V222.
-If video shooting is important to you, replace the camera & use a larger battery.
-The large gear below the props will get dirty easily if you play on grass or sandy field. Periodic cleaning is necessary.
-Ground clearance is very short so better land on somewhere flat. You don't want to see the props hit rocks & long grass during landing.
-When there is strong wind, forget about the video switch to high speed mode immediate. Low speed mode cannot withstand strong wind.
-The motors are not noisy which is good.
-The LED lights are useful when it fly high. But it doesn't work well when it is far away from you.
-It definitely can lift 808 #16 car key camera.
-The video will be shaky when it meets wind. If you want a stable video, pick up a clam day to fly. It records very stable video on clam day.
-The on/off button is so nice to have.
-Flight time is ok with a 650 mah battery. If you are shooting video you don't need that long time. Go for 750 mah if you really need to.
-Even though I still prefer the modded Hubsan H107C, Syma X5C is also a good toy.

Another video shot in Sai Kung. It flies steadily without wind. But will be easily pushed by the sea breeze.

嘗試掛一部重一點的Mobius car key cam,畫面是1080p的。
Tried to lift a Mobius car key cam which is heavier than 808 #16.

A super clam day is always welcome for flying quad.