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「慢遊」山東濟南 Take it slow! Ji'Nan【大男孩去旅行】

Nov 2014, Damn cold.

又是因為工作,去了濟南,濟南又稱泉城,有72個名泉,但它應該不算是港人熱門旅遊城市,大男孩對這個地方的認知亦只有「濟名士多」及「我看大明湖」。I went to Ji'Nan, Shandong Province of China because of work. So I spent 1 day travelling around the city. Ji'Nan has a nickname "City of spring", it holds 72 spring which make it famous in China. But it is not a hot travel destination for Hongkongese. I only read about it in secondary school Chinese lesson.

要極速了解濟南的市內景點,大男孩帶您「慢遊」濟南,大量片段以慢鏡頭拍攝,裡面還有小弟聲音導航啊!Go get a quick look of Ji'Nan city by watching the video I shot there. Loads of slow motion and voice over by me. Sorry just in Cantonese.

這是我在濟南第一眼看到的泉水,清澈見底,比我想像中要乾淨得多。First impression is always important. And this city makes me surprise! Crystal clear spring water! Much better than my expectation.

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iOS 8新Time Lapse功能!Time Lapse mode of iOS 8 【小iPhone大相機】

潮流興玩Time Lapse拍攝,現在用iPhone也能夠拍攝Time Lapse短片,非常方便。這也是大男孩急速升級上iOS 8的原因。升級後相機app就多了一個拍攝模式,還多了曝光補償的功能。只需要按下紅色錄影制,就會開始拍攝Time Lapse短片,完成後直接輸出成一個Video,不需要做任何後製,亦沒有任何更改設定的機會。If your iPhone can be upgraded to iOS 8, now you can use your iPhone to shoot time lapse video. I never upgrade phone OS so quick but this time i am attracted by the time lapse mode very much. It simply add 1 more mode to your camera app. All you need to do is to press the red button. It will start recording immediately. When you decide to end the video, press the red button again. A time lapse video will be saved in your Photo app. No post editing is needed. Easy! And no setting is allowed by Apple too.

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120fps慢動作下的排球比賽 FIVB Grand Prix game in slow motion

你可能會說,120fps慢動作影片?iPhone 5s也有這個功能了,有甚麼特別。但如果你坐在紅磡體育館山頂位,想拍攝排球對賽中的激烈畫面,總得要用有高速攝錄功能的相機加一支長鏡頭幫忙。120fps high speed video shooting is nothing new. You can even get this function in an iPhone 5s. But if you are sitting in the upper row of a sport stadium, you may want something that let you zoom in a little but more in order to capture the highlights of the game. It will be probably a camera with high speed video function and a tele lens.

通過每秒120格的高速記錄,再以慢動作播放畫面,仔細觀賞美女球員的專業表現。It takes 120 frames per second and play it in normal speed. You are getting a real smooth slow motion video that enable you to see every single movement of the pro players.

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【Toy Story】原來FPV航拍都可以這麼便宜這麼簡單 Budget FPV drone

打從大男孩接觸到迷你四軸飛行器Hubsan H107C後,一直在留意可以實時看到飛行器鏡頭影像的產品,亦即是FPV(First Person View) 遙控飛行。原來要實行FPV亦不是想像中的容易,飛行器需要能攜帶俱影像輸出的相機及圖像傳送設備,體積就因而激增至不方便攜帶的水平,而且要自己處理線路連接等問題,不是一般打工仔能夠抽時間鑽研的事。考慮到體積及價格等問題後,最後都是Hubsan的產品最適合我的需要。After having my first quadcopter Hubsan H107C, I am in love with this hobby and looking for a FPV solution as a next step. Traditional FPV setup requires a camera with video out function, a video transmitter and receiver, a monitor and lots of cables. It all add up to weight so you will need a bigger aircraft that not yeh direction I want to go for. Setting up the connection is also difficult too. Considering the time and money that I don't have I finally go for another Hubsan product.

這部Hubsan H107D是一件不折不扣的All-in-One產品,集遙控飛行,遙控錄影及FPV於一身,最厲害是它雖然功能多了,的體積竟然跟只能錄影的H107C一模一樣。有關遙控飛行的部分,由於它跟H107C是一樣的,可以參考大男孩之前的那篇有關H107C的文章。外觀上,它的純白色身軀很簡潔很美,飛行時比較難看見,但頗為美觀。Hubsan H107D is an All-in-One product. It combines radio control flying, remote video recording and FPV function together and stuff all of them into a mini-sized quadcopter. The flying part is exactly the same as H107C so you can refer to my review here. Pure white body is quite beautiful. Yet it became hard to see while flying in the air.

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【Toy Story】Dyson Cool AM06 涼風輕送!

是這樣的,夏日來到,香港又進入三十多度高溫日子,大男孩的家座向西北,客廳的冷氣不足以抵抗急劇上升的熱力。Hot summer is coming to town. 38-degree hot days are not rare in Hong Kong. I live in an apartment that facing north west. Afternoon sun can easily turn my house into an oven. The air-conditioner alone is not enough to keep the house cool.

小女孩就整天在埋怨大男孩沒有提供一個安全的居住環境給她。但她口中的所謂安全,其實是大男孩的安全,因為過熱後的小女孩,是會像蘇亞雷斯一樣去咬人的,而且不會被停賽...So I am accused by my wife all day long for not providing a comfortable living environment to her. Soon or later she will turn into Luis Suarez. My shoulder will be as bad as Giorgio Chiellini in no time. Yet she will not be suspended for match...

為了自身的安全,我帶了它回家。喔,不是後面的花,那是結婚當天留下的,而是dyson新版的dyson Cool。So for my own sake I brought this home, the latest version dyson cool bladeless fan.
dyson cool am06 unboxing 開箱

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【Toy Story】邊行邊拍-飛宇G3手柄GoPro穩定器

話說大男孩之前去威尼斯旅行,決定偷懶只帶一部action cam去拍片,但手持一部體積這麼小的action cam拍攝是很不方便的,所以到處尋找action cam用的配件。

原來一般action cam用家會使用手柄,把攝錄機固定在手柄上,然後手持拍攝,增加舒適感。由於我手上的攝錄機跟GoPro hero 2體積相同,所以市面上很多設計給GoPro用的配件都可以用在我的攝錄機上。它們大部份都是用塑膠製造,而且在水中能浮起,配合action cam的防水外殼,可以水陸兩用。於拍賣網購買,都只不過是一百多元的東西。但大男孩最後買了的竟然是一支一千元的手柄,幹嘛呢?

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【Toy Story】比手掌更小的飛行器-Hubsan Q4 H111

之前分享的Hubsan X4四軸飛行器尺寸很小,但在新出的Q4旁邊,X4頓時變成巨人,小女孩見到都當堂嚇一跳!說著要是玩,她一加油門,這小機器就已經直接撞上天花板,然後她見勢又立即收油門,它就這樣直接跌在地板上,這就是它的可憐首航了...


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在土耳其伊斯坦堡機場找免費WiFi上網?Free Wifi in Istanbul airport

土耳其伊斯坦堡是由亞洲去歐洲的裝機熱點,也是前往以色列的一個很好的中轉站(大男孩試過乘搭以色列航空,英航,瑞士航空,漢莎航空及土耳其航空,其中以色列航空雖然是直航,但要繞道之餘,坐在裝滿猶太人的飛機上心理壓力也不少,航程及轉機時間最好就是經伊斯坦堡)。伊斯坦堡機場沒有提供免費上網服務,大男孩試過入去HSBC 貴賓候機室,雖然Advance卡卡主可以免費使用服務,但就只限本地客戶使用。Istanbul, Turkey is located right in the middle if Far East and Europe. So it becomes a nice transit point of any flight in between. It is also a good stopover from Hong Kong to Israel, with nice flight to fight 2 hours connection time. Unfortunately there is no free Wifi service provided by the Istanbul airport. There is a HSBC longe for the Advance card holder, but limited to local user only.

大男孩的下一個目標就是找Cafe,因為通常Cafe都有提供上網服務。誤打誤撞走進了Nero Cafe,它在food court內,那裏的三文治好像好OK,相比周遭的Pizza及fast food總是個比較好的選擇。我在飛機上沒有食晚飯,爭取時間睡覺(晚上11時登機,1點派晚餐,如何有胃口吃呢?),只在下機前吃了點早餐,這個Roasted beef penni就最適合不過!So I went look for a cafe that provide Wifi service. And I arrived Nero Cafe, which provide decent sandwich out of all the fast food and pizza in the good court area. It's good time to have a roasted beef penni as a breakfast after 10hours flight.

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【Toy Story】為什麼女裝運動服裝產品都比男裝的漂亮?Can I wear female product?

好快就到夏天,又是時候跟厚厚的背囊說再見了。週六出去拿婚紗相前,到了荷里活廣場吃午飯,經過New Balance就破費了,就是這個女裝的腰包:) Summer is coming! It's time to put down your backpack and get something light and new. I passed by Hollywood Plaza before getting my pre-wedding photos on a Saturday. Went into New Balance Shop and bought this female waist pack.North face日系韓風運動腰包

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【Toy Story】您也可以擁有的廉價航拍工具Hubsan X4 H107C Review

雀鳥眼中的世界到底是怎麼樣的呢?科技的進步令我們可以把攝錄機安裝在遙控飛機模型上,以雀鳥的視覺去看風景,而且玩具級四軸飛行器的普及,讓我們可以用低廉的價錢去體驗航拍這玩意。Do you want to know how the birds see the world. Must be a very good view. Technology advancement let us put camera on remote control flyings models so we can see what the bird see. Toy grade quadrocopters make aerial videography affordable that everyone can experience it.

遙控多軸飛行器是繼遙控飛機及遙控直升機,另一種熱門航空模型,透過控制多個獨立馬達去達至移動,其中以四軸尤其流行。玩具級四軸飛行器的飛行穩定性,載重及功能當然不能與興趣級的航空模型相提並論,但作為入門選擇,其簡單之操作,價格定位之吸引,是普羅大眾的首選。RC multimotors models is becoming a popular option among flying models. Especially quadrocopters, by controlling multiple indenpendent motors it achieves movements and stable flying. It is totally not comparable to any hobby grade models but as a entry level option, it is easy to control, price right and can be a nice training quad for newbies like me.

如果使用得宜,其實都可以拍攝到一些有趣影片,以下的一段影片,是節錄了一些大男孩剛開始玩四軸的片段,其中有一些畫面使用了YouTube的穩定功能。This video was shot right after I can control this micro quad. I am amazed that the video editing function of Youtube worked very well. The stabilization function works too.

今天要說的是玩具級別的四軸飛行器,如果以相機界的定位來看,大約就等於卡片數碼相機,一般都是以套裝形式發售,不能更換零件,尺寸比較細的遙控模型,價格大部分都在1000元以下。Toy grade multimotors flying models are just like compact digital camera in camera industry. It comes with RTF (Ready to fly) package, no real parts can be upgraded, small in size and price are usually below HK$1,000.
Hubsan X4 H107C迷你四週飛行器開箱及使用分享。

【我愛DIY】Hubsan X4 H107C更換808 #16 D lens mod

有關Hubsan X4 H107C的使用心得及分享,請瀏覽這篇博文:
Regarding Hubsan H107C product review please visit this blog post:

前文提及H107C原配鏡頭角度比較狹窄,這次主要分享如何為H107C更換廣角鏡頭。As mentioned earlier the FOV of H107C original lens is quite narrow. Here I am going to explain how to swap it with a wide angle lens.

首先鬆開底部的螺絲,再打開機臂白圈位置的四個扣位,從而打開外殼。Unscrew the screws on the bottom part. Detach the 4 locking points on the 4 arms highlighted by the white circle here below.
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【Toy Story】愛上SONY QX鏡頭的一個理由 - QX10及QX100香港開箱Review



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